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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I should have gone out tonight.

Instead, I watched the Democratic CNN/YouTube debate and the subsequent self-fellatio of CNN talking about how revolutionary it was. All night long guests appeared, from the founders of YouTube to people who asked debate questions, and everyone praised the debate for allowing "real people" to ask questions from their living rooms.

And yes, sure enough, there were some people in costume and some one-line jokes embedded in the questions, and that was a change, but CNN is missing the point: content!

If I was to read a transcript of the Q&A, with no access to video or audio, I'm willing to bet I could barely tell the difference between this debate and the others. According to CNN, about 3000 video questions were submitted on YouTube. Thirty nine were aired. And there is no doubt in my mind that CNN's selection panel chose the most watered-down questions available, content-wise. Some were emotional, yes, and some were slightly amusing, but this is a matter of delivery only. A melting snowman asking about global warming... yeah, fucking cute.

So if anyone was not disappointed by this debate, please comment and tell me why.

If Ron Paul doesn't get a drug war question in the September Republican debate (and you know there will be hundreds submitted), I will lose all respect I have left for CNN. I knew it was going to take a lot on their part to make up for Lou Dobbs, but they didn't even come close last night.

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