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Friday, July 13, 2007

Some Competitive Eating Records Were Made to be Broken (By Someone Like Nicole Richie)

Congratulations to Lup Fun Yau, who won this year's Premier Travel Inn All You Can Eat Breakfast Challenge by eating nearly six full English breakfasts in twelve minutes. Judging from the plate in front of him, that's an impressive feat. Unlike this one:
Lup recently became the world's fastest doughnut eater after scoffing six in three minutes.
Wait a minute -- six doughnuts in three minutes? That's the record? Are you kidding me?

I can eat two in a minute no problem. Anyone can. I ate half a doughnut (one of those not-so-good sugar-dipped plain ones from Starbucks) in exactly two seconds this morning.

Am I missing something? Seriously, is there anyone reading this who thinks they can't eat six doughnuts in three minutes?

I'm no competitive eater -- and I have great respect for the men and women of the sport -- but I'm thinking I can at least double Lup's count in three minutes. I could probably double his count in two minutes, which means I could also match his total in only one minute.