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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Will United Follow the Redskins Out of the City?

It might be an idle threat, but it doesn't take an inside source at D.C. United to understand that they feel they've been burned on the stadium deal. Ideological objections to subsidized stadium deals aside; this looked like a great opportunity to get a soccer only stadium built in one of the District's poorest Wards.

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's administration had been negotiating for months with D.C. United's principal investor, real estate magnate Victor A. MacFarlane, over the team's proposal to build a 27,000-seat stadium in Ward 8, just across the Anacostia River from the Washington Nationals' new ballpark.

But the negotiations stalled over the financial terms. Although United offered to pay for the $150 million stadium, it asked for about $200 million in city subsidies, including roads, tax incentives and the right to develop additional land, said the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the negotiations were private.
If I were a local United fan (D.C. area) I'd worry the team may move 30 miles north up the Baltimore-Washington Parkway if some stadium deal doesn't get worked out. One way or another, they will not be playing at RFK for much longer.

Full article here.

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