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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Beats Getting Raped in an US Prison

If this is considered 'barbaric' treatment of drug offenders, what do you call what we do to them in our country?

In a scene reminiscent of the 1970s, when the Provisional IRA regularly meted out this savage treatment in areas where it held sway, the loyalist Ulster Defence Association is suspected of leaving the victim tied to a lamppost in a street in South Belfast.


After tar was poured on the man's head, feathers were emptied over him and a placard was hung around his neck claiming the victim, said to be a local man in his 30s, was a drug dealer.

It read: "I'm a drug dealing scumbag."


Police and politicians called the incident "barbaric".

The UDA denied involvement, but Alban Maginness, a nationalist Social Democratic and Labour Party Assembly member, said: "It is quite clear that it was an element of the UDA that was responsible for this.

"These things are not done spontaneously by the community."

Here in the US we have no problem at all, in revoking one's freedom by throwing them in a tiny cell surrounded by violent criminals like rapist and murderers for not just dealing but also prossession. Once in jail they are at the mercy of these thugs, and are often raped and/or beaten. But hey, who cares? They did break the law after all.

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