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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bush: Anti-Drug War Crusader???

No. No way. Not yet anyway.

But according to an article by Don Boudreaux, the reasons for both the passage and the repeal of alcohol prohibition in the early 20th century were related to government revenues.

To summarize, it was the recent introduction of the federal income tax that made liquor taxes no longer crucial for bringing in government revenue. Subsequently, during the Depression, when incomes fell sharply and government spending exploded, the government became hungry for that revenue source once again.

So, since federal spending has again exploded under the Bush administration, could this mean that the government might realize the need for tax revenue on drugs to cover the expenses of the Iraq war and Medicare Part D (among others)?

I'm not so optimistic yet. But please excuse me for trying to find some speck of good in this disastrous administration (and disastrous Congress, too, of course).

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