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Thursday, August 09, 2007

In response to Jacob Sullum's reasonable column on in opposition to the executive branch's unchecked, warrantless spying on U.S. citizens, the readers of show precisely why liberty-minded people should stop voting Republican. Conservatives would give up every last right in the Bill of Rights if it had even the slightest chance of leading to the arrest and/or death of a foreigner somewhere. Jacob has a good sampling of responses over at Hit & Run. Here are a few of my favs:
Every post you make shows your total ignorance of the situation at hand...we are under attack you friggin moron...b*llless Sallys' like you are the real reason these towelheaded embeciles think we are weak...grow a pair and get out and defend yourself before its too late. And as a side note, drooler, it will be people like me who will defend you and the other morons when the time comes so dont disparage us true Americans too much...have a nice day at the methedone clinic.
Pleeeeese! 9/11 changed our world forever. When I as a 67 year old grandmother must remove my shoes, and allow complete search of all my possessions and my body in order to fly in a plane, (this inside my own country!) it has all changed.At this point, since I have nothing to hide, I'd prefer everyone was treated with the same scrutiny. In that way, maybe, just maybe, they'll ferret out the scum intent on harming all of us. My phone calls have nothing to hide, and I fear not if anyone needs to listen in.
To the author: We are in a war. A war in which many of the enemy combatants reside overseas but have compatriots stationed here in America. They talk in order to plan to KILL US. Not chatting with their mommas, you boob. Do you not think that FDR and his administration listened in to phone calls during their prosecution of WWII? Of course they did. Did Lincoln's minions not read the mail of Southerners in the North? Yes, they did. In today's tech world, communications are instantaneous and the good guys (our guys, pal!)must have the ability to act and listen when the intel says so, not when some judge gets around to letting them. Wake up! This is a war, not some law class in some ivory tower. If we miss some crucial conversation, it could lead to the death of thousands of real actual people. Until this war is settled, your supposed 'privacy' be damned, sir.

With Americans like this who needs enemies. What's next? "FDR put American citizens in concentration camps, so why shouldn't we? If you have nothing to hide, why would you be against concentration camps?"

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