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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Democrats Violate the Sunday Morning Relaxation Rule and Debate; No One Watches Them

I can't imagine that anyone other than Beltway insiders, who are used to tuning into the Sunday morning tv spin, and Iowans watched this morning's Democratic debate in Iowa.

My only involvement in the political process today was to read this tidbit in the New Yorker over a martini and dinner at the bar at Buck's.
At this preposterously early date in the 2004 election cycle, the candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination had participated in exactly one “debate,” as, for lack of a better word, these overpopulated, overmoderated, your-time-is-up Q & A panels are called. Two cycles ago it was zero debates. This time around, it’s—already!—eight.
The New Yorker is dated August 20th, which is tomorrow, so I don't know if they counted today's brunch snooze.

And for all of you citizens who represent the 99% of the country who are not Iowans, brace yourself for more candidate Iowa fawning and its attendant disenfranching feeling, as it has only just begun!
the first major Democratic debate in Iowa and, for the contenders, perhaps the most important one as they approach Labor Day, the unofficial start of an intensive four months of campaigning until the nation's first caucuses here.
As another indication of how insane the primary system is, the NYT has its best political reporter, Adam Nagourney, camped out in Greenfield, Iowa, while the huge population bases in California and the North East Corridor get no attention.

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