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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

George Washington: Nation's Most Expensive School

As a graduate student at a rival private university in Washington D.C. I often slip into a Seinfeldian like question of what’s the deal with George Washington. Obviously it's paying the most expensive undergraduate tuition in the country to go to a school ranked 54th nationally. Just how much will it set back an incoming freshman in 2007 per year? $50, 630. Part of this the University says is because of its relatively small endowment of $1 billion in comparison with Princeton’s $13 billion, but perhaps it is because of GW's aggressive growth plan in NW, which in 20 years hopes to expand the university’s size by 2.5 million square feet in accordance with D.C. zoning policies. Hey, as long as they have rich kids too stupid to go the Georgetown and to stuck up to attend a state university, good for them.

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