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Thursday, August 16, 2007

If You're Going to Wed a 16 yr Old, She'd Better be Hot

When you're in court with your wife -- for a lawsuit involving a PlayStation, a mounted fish and beanie-babies -- that her parents wouldn't give back to her, you might want to pat your self on the back re-think a few choices you made in your life. Like marrying a teenager. From the Wilmington Star:
Bolivia Sporting a dress shirt and his wedding ring, 40-year-old Brenton Wuchae sat next to his jeans-clad teenage wife in a Brunswick County courtroom. A few rows behind them, her parents sat silently alongside their attorney


Windy wanted the mounted fish back, along with her stuffed animals, a sculpture and a PlayStation game system, a total value of $1,072.50. She had been collecting the Beanie Babies, gifts from her parents and friends, for the past four years, she told the magistrate. She said she tried to get the items from her parents outside of court but couldn't.
Full article here.

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