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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Iraq, Gaza, and Now New Mexico--Victims of Democracy

From the Drug Czar's blog:
For years, marijuana legalization groups have worked to bypass the Supreme Court's decision, the FDA's official Interagency Advisory, and Federal law regarding medical marijuana. Symbolic medical marijuana laws which have been passed in some U.S. states have given too many citizens the false impression that growing and distributing marijuana is safe and legal. Now, New Mexico is the latest state to become victimized by the confusion generated by these state laws.
They link out to this article, in case you want to read it.

What's truly great is the next section:
State-based medical marijuana laws simply do not work. Consider this:
Huh? Well, yeah. Because you guys don't let them work. If someone somewhere in the federal government decided to give federalism a go again, then maybe state based decision making (whatever happened to the whole states are the laboratories of democracy thing?) could work. Until then, not so much.

They go on to make earth-shattering points about why the laws don't work. Like, Medical marijuana laws lead to drug-related violence. Or my favorite, Medical marijuana laws protect drug dealers. Brilliant! How do you not like that one? Sometimes when I'm reading the ONDCP's blog, I get that, "Hey, they're struggling to come up with content too!" feeling. What kills me is that TtP's operating budget is coming in at a few billion below the ONDCP's. Really, it is. We hide it well, but right now I'm typing this post on a typewriter with no keys.

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