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Sunday, August 12, 2007

It Is Time For a National Primary and For Iowa and NH Diner Patrons to Rediscover Their Place in Obscurity

Our current primary system causes candidates to focus their pitches on sparsely populated states that are not respresentative of the US population or its views. The current system is also disenfranchising for the bulk of the citizenry, who live in California and the North East corridor, as they watch old White men in VFW hats and their crocheting wives choose the primary candidate for the rest of us, who happen to form the vast majority of the popular vote.

Iowa has a little under 3 million residents and New Hampshire 1.3 million, while New York City alone has 8.2 million residents and California 36.5 million. Common sense would indicate that the primary candidates focus on the large population centers, but our staggered primary system makes that impossible if they are going to have any chance to win.

The disenfranchisement of most of the US population is real and not a good thing. Which resident of a big state or metropolitan area hasn't wondered why the candidates spend all of their time courting customers of small-town diners and eating cherry pie yet completely ignore the majority of the country?

Here is a radical idea: hold the presidential primary the same day in every state. In such a framework candidates would focus their energy and messages to a much broader range of voters and everyone on primary day would feel that his or her vote mattered.

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