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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Last Time I Read My Bible, Jesus was All Over the Wine

Not too long ago for a New Testament textual criticism class, I wrote a paper advancing the image of Jesus as a well-known boozer and late-night reveler. This isn't a new idea among New Testament scholars, (of which I'm not one) but it's one that doesn't make it out to the general, God-fearing public too often. I like to go a step further and claim that his drinking and socializing were big parts of his revolutionary style and charm -- That same revolutionary style and charm that scared the religious establishment at the time and led to his execution. Not only did this behavior lead to his death, it also led to the cult like following he had. A catch-22. He wasn't the first guy to announce himself as the Son of God, but he was the first one that scared the bejeebus out of the Jewish high priests, and garnered the kind of following that he had. I contend alcohol and his social networking, were two of the more important variables that allowed the narrative to work out like it did and create a major religion that has lasted some 2000 years. I'm not saying I'm right, but I don't think I'm totally wrong, and it's a fun case to make with your typical Evangelical crowd.[Which, if you study the New Testament in the south, you will spend a lot of discussion time in class with them.]

Anyways, whenever I make this case I'm accused of twisting the facts in order to justify my own behavior or attitudes towards drugs or alcohol. Or, as I'm accused of quite often, making an argument only for the sake of shock value. Hardly the case. My standard answer is always the same. Pick up the Book that you profess to base your entire life on and actually read it. It helps in understanding what you believe in. Me? I just find it interesting reading...

These are folks that got me thinking on this:

ATHENS, Ala. - Voters have a chance on Tuesday to return this northern Alabama city to the days of Prohibition.

A measure to end the sale of alcohol in Athens is up for a citywide vote, a rare instance where voters could overturn a previous vote to allow sales.


Christians who oppose drinking on moral grounds believe they have a chance to win, however small.

"If it can be voted out anywhere, it will be here because so many Christians are against it," said Teresa Thomas, who works in a Christian book store.
Full article here.

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