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Friday, August 17, 2007

Late Afternoon Friday Links

Retrosexual? Or just homosexual?
Measuring 6 feet 3, with chiseled pecs and a bushy beard, George seemed like a model of manliness. Yet two years ago the 47-year-old Virginia businessman (who declined to give his full name to protect his privacy) decided he didn't look quite macho enough. So he went to see Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, a Miami hair-restoration surgeon, to have 3,000 hair follicles ripped from his scalp and transplanted into his face, chest and belly.
Amy Winehouse might have a drug and weight problem. In other shocking news; I like pot and I'm going to try and bone my female roommate tonight.

Depending on which count you go by, Baltimore has surpassed 200 murders for 2007. Baltimore Crime has 204 (although they note it is not definitive), Murder Ink has it at 198 (once you add the 2 murders since the 15th). Who knows what the Sun has it at; I couldn't find a count anywhere on their site.

Finally, a reminder for any TtPers in the Seattle area. Hempfest is this weekend. The Seattle PI has a glowing profile of Rick Steves, who is a outspoken critic of US drug policy, and is speaking at Hempfest. From the piece:
Off camera and off mike, so many people who interview Steves on radio and TV whisper "Right on!" to him but only a few celebrities and high-profilers risk saying it out loud. "We're embracing a lie in a country based on truth and freedom," Steves said. "And it hurts the credibility of parents and teachers and the police. If I were a kid, I wouldn't listen to any of them."

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