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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Mandy Moore Back Together with Andy Roddick?

If that reads like a vapid celebriblog headline, well, that's because it is. I normally don't get my celeb news the dead-tree way, preferring repeated visits to The Bosh or Hollywood Tuna. Alas, today I had to go downtown, and picked up copies of the WaPo and Politico to bide my time.

The WaPo reports Mandy Moore was spotted
...sipping "extra dirty" martinis[*] and ordering a protein-heavy lineup of rockfish, red snapper and Kobe beef with four friends at Georgetown's Mie N Yu Monday night.
Meanwhile, the Politico notes that Andy Roddick, ,
...and his coach, Jimmy Connors, are staying at the Ritz in G-town. Roddick just loves walking around G-town, as he did Sunday afternoon.
He's in DC for the Legg Mason tournament, which is most noted as the tourney that draws fewer good players and more nobodies than any other. (To illustrate that point, Legg Mason never even succeeded in dragging humorless DC d-bag Pete Sampras home to Rock Creek Park.)

So Moore and Roddick, huh? Both in Georgetown. Same time. Coincidence? Or are they rekindling things after more than three years apart?

I pretended to be someone trying to write like Chuck Klosterman about celebrities and DC here. Get Legg Mason tickets -- I've only gone before when I got free tix -- here.

*About this extra-dirty martini thing... I went out with some friends last night, and several ordered this drink. They're friends and wonderful people, but I just about wanted to ram the stem of their glasses into their eyes. Who the hell wants to drink a glass of gin that has the visual clarity of goldfish-bowl water? Who? Why?

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