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Monday, August 20, 2007

McCain Math

You start with 12 staffers. Then, cut the staff down to 4, because you can only steal so much change from your grand children's piggy banks to pay said staff. After a couple weeks and some serious "re-structuring" you are able to add 4 new staffers. Simple math tells you that you went down from a total of a dozen folks on the payroll to only 8. From the Wilimington Star:
At its peak this spring, McCain had a dozen on his full-time payroll here and a handful of paid consultants. Last week, he had four paid staffers and the consultants were all working for free.

With two hires this week and two more in the next week or so, the campaign will have eight full time staffers by the end of the month. And all the new hires will be doing the field work of directly courting voters, McCain spokesman B.J. Boling said


There have been more resources devoted to this state. We've been able to add staff in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina," Boling said. "I think that reflects our overall campaign strategy."
Welcome to the McCain campaign, where firing 8 people then hiring back 4 is called "adding staff." Full article here.

Disclosure: I still don't like John McCain. Really, not at all. However, I think McCain makes a a final push before he runs completely out of steam. I'm betting on a better than expected Iraq report in September and some minor shifting in public opinion, esp with beleaguered Republican voters who are looking for some good news. If that happens McCain is positioned well. So I'm saying Iraq will look better this fall than it did this past spring and McCain will make a push in the polls. How does that sound for going out on a limb?

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