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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Meet Rhain Davis, Grade-Schooler and Pro Football Star

I didn't think Tim Floyd's recruitment of the vaguely pubescent Ryan Boatright, or MLS's courtship of Freddy Adu, could seem untimely for their staleness. A bit premature, sure, but never too late.

That said, meet Rhain Davis, age 9. He's Manchester United's newest recruit. And he's got mind-blowing skills, at least against his elementary-school peers.

More here. Prescient, pre-Rhain piece on kids playing pro sports here. Blogosphere reaction from the punters at the damn good Who Ate All the Pies? Apparently Man U recruits kids Rhain's age all the time.

Note: I netted six goals -- while serving up three assists -- in one game for the under-12 Beverly Scorpions in 1982 or '83. Where was Man U then?