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Thursday, August 23, 2007

"Minute Clinics" Are Poised to Make Health Care Affordable, If Only Doctors Would Let Them

The US has a health care crisis, and here come Minute Clinics and their like. They are retail clinics that employ nurse practitioners who can diagnose common ailments that are now flooding emergency rooms and provide basic and convenient health care to the uninsured and insured alike. Who wouldn't like this, as our nation careens into a health care crisis? Answer: regulators and doctors, from the NY Times:
New York State regulators are investigating the business relationships between drugstore companies and medical providers to determine whether the clinics are being used improperly to increase business or steer patients to the pharmacies in which the clinics are located.
The craven AMA view on the retail clinics:
And doctors’ groups, whose members stand to lose business from the clinics, are citing concerns about standards of care, safety and hygiene, and they have urged the federal and state governments to step in to more rigorously regulate the new businesses.

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