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Friday, August 10, 2007

Mixed Bag of Friday Links

Scratch my previous, optimistic post on the poppy situation in Afghanistan. Today I read this:
WASHINGTON - American combat troops will be thrown into the fight against narcotics traffickers in Afghanistan, where despite a $1 billion U.S. effort, another record opium crop is expected this fall, U.S. anti-drug officials said yesterday.

In a briefing for reporters, the officials outlined the new approach as part of a "basic strategy shift" in the U.S. campaign in Afghanistan.
In case that doesn't worry you enough, I can throw in quotes from John Walters, more on interdiction and eradication....The favorite buzzwords of Drug Warriors.
In southern Afghanistan where poppy cultivation has increased the fastest, the emphasis will be on crop eradication and on "taking down" drug kingpins and narco-traffickers, said Thomas Schweich, the State Department's top counter-narcotics official


Walters said he has worked closely on the plan with U.S. and international commanders in Iraq and with Gates and others at the Pentagon. Currently, the U.S. military command in Afghanistan, Joint Task Force 82, provides some limited intelligence to Afghan forces on missions to interdict drug shipments, according to a Congressional Research Service report published in June.
Note to drug mules -- The authorities are on to you and you 6 inch platform shoes. My advice -- Switch to a giant sombrero.

PGA Championship started yesterday. From Sobel's blog at ESPN:
2:46 p.m.: The Legend of John Daly continues to grow.

Daly just completed his post-round news conference and talked about eschewing practice rounds at Southern Hills in favor of -- you guessed it -- going to a casino.

On Tuesday, Daly played slots at nearby Cherokee Casino and said he did very well. He went back the next day (yesterday) and didn't fare as well on the slots, but got in some golf at the casino's course.
I heart John Daly. Here's to hoping he stays in the hunt come this weekend.

Beckham made his MLS debut with about 15-20 min left in last nights game in DC. Anyone go? He certainly made an impact on the flow of the game, providing some direction for a LA team that looked like poop for most of the game. DC won 1-0.

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