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Monday, August 27, 2007

Mooninites Come to Connecticut

Apparently Boston isn't the only New England city government staffed by imbeciles:
NEW HAVEN — A "white powder" scare caused by some unwitting runners shut down the Ikea store at Long Wharf for four hours Thursday during one of its busiest weeks of the year.

The incident also mobilized hazmat personnel from as far away as Milford and Wallingford after an Ikea customer saw a woman dressed in black scattering a white powder in several places around the store's exterior.


It turns out the white powder was believed to be flour, and the mysterious black-clad woman was one of four members of a local chapter of an international network of running clubs called the Hash House Harriers. The runners were detained when authorities saw people matching their description jogging by the store about two hours after the scare began, said police.
So the runners were playing one of those games you used to hear about in college, where someone leaves a trail of flour and others follow it until finally everyone ends up at a bar. Two of the runners -- one of whom is a medical doctor at Yale-New Haven Hospital -- have been charged with felonies.

I have to congratulate the New Haven Police Department for being on top of this. I sleep easy at night knowing that the NHPD is a competent, law-abiding force for goo-- oh, right.

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