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Monday, August 06, 2007

My Plea to Barry Bonds: Hit it to Me

I'm taking my dad to the Giants/Pirates doubleheader in Pittsburgh next week. (Not exactly true. Sure I bought the game tix, but he's footing the bill for the flights, hotel, food, beer, cabs, foam finger, Prilosec, etc.)

I bought the tickets about a month ago. My thinking at the time was that Barry Bonds's pace would slow. Plus, I reasoned that two games -- the only east of the Mississippi in which he could reasonably break the record -- would give me a better chance to catch #756 than would merely one. Plus, no one goes to Pittsburgh games, so I figure me and my dad will have our little section of right-center field to ourselves.

Well, after last night, Barry's one shy of owning the record outright. And so my plea to Barry Mr. Bonds is this: I've stuck my neck out and defended you, sir, in front of the dozens of TtP readers. I've never asked for anything in return. But, since every request for something in return begins with, "I've never asked for anything in return, but if you could just..."

...If you could just hold out a few days, and pop #756 into our PNC Park seats (look for us -- we'll be section 140, row A), I'd be really happy. And if you could point your bat at us before the pitch and then hit it to us -- call your shot -- that'll make the ball worth even more. That'd be mighty cool.

Anyways, even if you do that, too, I'd gladly give you a good discount if you want the ball back. I'm not greedy, sir, I'm just looking for enough to buy a little house and maybe pay down some student loans.

So c'mon and hit #756 to me. You'd really make my day. Thanks.