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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Paglia Weighs in on the Insanity of the Current Presidential Campaign

Crazy and always fun and intellectual Camille Paglia had a great article on Salon today. It was about the fact that Americans are being forced to endure a more prolonged presidential election process than ever before. And we all know how much we hate that.
The 2008 presidential sweepstakes have hit the doldrums as the pack of eager candidates of both parties dutifully make their rounds and tread water like tar. Whoever survives this corrida-by-boredom will presumably have the brass cojones to run the government. By what national curse must we suffer another year of this?
To make things worse, South Carolina announced today that it will move up its primary, which caused New Hampshire to also proposed to up its. As someone who would love to see Iowa and New Hampshire go back into their obscurity in terms of population versus primary voting influence, I think the country ought to adopt a primary day in which all citizens voted on the same day.

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