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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Part 2

Well, I'm not sure. But I have a keyboard and button on the bottom of my screen right now that says, Publish Post. If those two things don't make me qualified to take absolute guesses then I don't know what does. Here are my theories:

  • Think about public opinion the same way you would about long-term drug use statistics in a society. Drug trends (like all trends) are cyclical in nature. They go up in popularity and then down. Certain drugs increase in popularity over a period of time and others fall. Different generations can have different attitudes, and attitudes within a generation can change over time. Sometimes it is easy to figure out why, sometimes it isn't. Public opinion on how we deal with drugs (I think) operates on the same plane.
  • Most drug policy experts associate the recent anti-pot media campaign to be driven by the press itself. I'm not so sure. I think both the press and the political class are picking up on a public push back stemming from the reclassification of the drug 3 years ago. Drug policy reform doesn't operate in some magical world where the wins stay wins, and you never give back ground to the opposition. I mean there is an opposition side to lax drug laws in the UK right? And they all aren't media professionals or politicians...We can all agree on that right? If there are people on the other side, they don't stop fighting just because they are losing. *If that was the case we wouldn't have a single reformer in the US. They all would have killed themselves by now...
  • Can someone explain to me, in a nation where the government foots the bill for citizens' health care, how they don't have a right to police what you put in your body? Seems to me that's the biggest down side of government provided health care. If they are picking up the tab, how can you draw the line and say -- Hey, I get to decide what harmful substances I put in my body. Once you give up the responsibility of providing your own care, you have given an incredible amount of ground in the personal freedom arena. Why even stop at health care? The UK has turned into one of the great nanny states of the 21st century...That could be the real catalysis for the increased pressure...
The Star touched on this subject a week ago. It's worth a read.

*Obviously reformers have had successes in the US. Without them we would be in much worse shape, which is a horrible thought to have. My only point is that most people would agree we aren't much better off than we were 25 or 30 years ago.

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