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Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Post On a Very Sweaty, Hot and Buggy Night in DC

Normally none of us TtP posters post on Saturday night, as we are being libertarians and smoking, drinking and having sex. But today was so freaking hot and humid that many of us, like me, are stuck at home alone as no one wants to go out.

I knew that the day's weather would be a challenge when I went downstairs this morning and saw that all of my windows were full-on condensation on the outside. Then I looked at the humid-o-stat that I have outside, and it read 70. I have never seen it that high and 80 is the peak. I guess that beyond 80 we need to have fins and gills to survive.

After my coffee, at 10, I had a vision that I would have a completely sedentary day, and that thought made me feel crappy. So I hauled my ass onto a three mile very hilly hike in Rock Creek Park. Jesus Christ, within 10 minutes I was rationing my water. I got through it a bit dazed and when I ended up at the community gardens on Oregon Ave I commandeered a hose to hose myself down.

I was relieved to get back into my AC but had an insane desire to procure a Vace Italian sub for dinner, as I did not want to cook. So at 4 I started up the Vespa and in the ten-minute ride to Cleveland Park my pants were soaked through with sweat, as was my shirt. Cleveland "No Park" had tons of parking spaces, as most people were out of town or at home.

So I got the Vace sub and survived this day in DC.

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