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Monday, August 27, 2007

Ron Paul's Semi-Popularity A Reason For Optimism

Yeah, the baby boomers were in general pretty damaging to freedom. But sometimes it is pretty hard for me to be optimistic about my own generation* changing the course. It probably doesn't help that I live in Seattle, where socialist views are as common as evergreen trees. I can count the number of self-described "libertarians" I know personally on one hand (not including you TtPers).

However, the Ron Paul campaign gives me some hope. It is great to see the roaring crowds at every straw poll wearing Ron Paul shirts. And Ron Paul is huge on the Internet, which roughly indicates a young support base.

Although straw polls mean almost nothing, Paul has been showing nicely. In an Alabama poll, Paul took over 80% (216 of 266) of the votes.

I think the best result of Paul winning or placing in many of these mostly meaningless straw polls would be that his name would get out to the general public, and more people would find out what he stands for. However, I wasn't even aware of Paul's success until I recently read it on the Internet. Besides the Iowa poll that Romney bought, I haven't heard any of the others mentioned, certainly not any won by Paul, on the MSM. Props to the Internet; the older media certain won't help Paul out much.

If it turns out to be Rudy vs. Hillary next November, I'm either voting Libertarian, writing in Paul, or staying home and getting so drunk and high I won't remember there's an election going on at all.

* "Gen Y", I think? Not sure... I'm 25.

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