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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Something to Chew On

St. Paul Saints plans Michael Vick chew toy promotion

The St. Paul Saints minor league baseball team plans to hand out the chew toy to the first 1,500 fans at its home game tonight. It's the team mascot, a pig, in the Atlanta Falcons team colors and with Vick's name and number on it.

A portion of the proceeds from the game will be donated to the newly merged Humane Society,

Saints promotion director Jack Weatherman said the team wanted to take a stand on the dogfighting charges against Vick. Weatherman said the public reaction has been totally one-sided, with many fans asking if they can buy the Vick chew toy - and with absolutely no negative reaction.
No negative reaction? They were expecting angry phone calls in support of Vick? Full blurb here. Via Baltimore Crime.

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