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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Suspension of Belief

Idaho Senator Larry Craig's wife might be the only person on the planet who believes that the Senator pleaded guilty by mistake. From the NY Times,
Mr. Craig, the Idaho Republican, was joined by his wife Suzanne as he spoke in Boise. He asserted that he pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of disorderly conduct...“in hopes of making it go away.” At various times, he called the plea — officially completed Aug. 8 and brought to light by Roll Call yesterday — “a misjudgment,” “an overreaction” and a “lapse in judgment.”
I find it hard to believe that Craig did not spend the three weeks between his arrest and plea thinking very hard about what he should do and somehow accidentally pleaded guilty.

Were Craig not a social conservative who made restricting the legal rights of homosexuals a key part of his platform, then I would not care about his private behavior. Hey, as I stroll into middle-age it is encouraging that a guy that old is still so horny that he can't control himself at a public toilet. But the hypocrisy makes Craig and his ilk need to be shot down. This country cannot have our private and sexual lives controlled by people who want to make illegal what they do in bathrooms because they are ashamed of it.

Mrs. Craig could start a tea party group of wives whose socially conservative Congressional husbands enjoy socializing in men's rooms. Mrs. Craig, meet Mrs. Allen. Perhaps they could take tap dancing lessons to learn that mysterious "tapping" that Rob cites in his post below.

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