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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

TtP to Mike Huckabee: Smokers are God's Children Too

Mike Huckabee just called for a national smoking ban similar to what we see at the state and local levels now. Really, no one should be surprised by this. I'm sure he believes in it (he did it in Arkansas and his entire nanny-stater resume is impeccable), and I'm sure he thought it was a bold-move-that-wasn't-really-a-bold-move. You know, attract attention without saying something along the lines of "Let's get the fuck out of Iraq right now."

Here's what he had to say:

  1. Said he would not only sign the law if Congress brought it to him, but that he would encourage it.
  2. Get this---He's not for banning smoking in bars and restaurants, because that's a consumer issue. But he's for banning smoking in bars and restaurants under the guise of a workplace safety issue. To simplify -- He's for banning smoking anywhere more than 3 people work. Including bars and restaurants. I now vaguely remember this douche bag doing the same double talk while trying to pass the Arkansas smoking ban.
  3. It's a workplace issue....I quote him "[...]for the same reason that we don't let people pour radon gas into a workplace, is the same reason we shouldn't allow people to pour the toxic nauseous fumes of a cigarette into a place where people have to work.
  4. Again, I quote "We know without a doubt that secondhand smoke is deadly"
Here's what Huckabee had to say last year at the signing ceremony for the Arkansas bill:
"This is not a bill against smokers, and I want to make that clear," Huckabee said at the bill-signing ceremony at the state Capitol. "This is a bill for people who, for their own reasons, whether it's health, or just personal, choose not to smoke."
Video here. NYT article on Huckabee and his do-goodness here. More on the Arkansas ban here. Related video of Huckabee claiming you're the idiot for not believing the Earth was made 6,000 years ago in 6 days by God, here.

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