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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The War on Drugs Cost Me My Kidneys

Print up the banners, let's run with this slogan. From a Baltimore Mayoral Election forum, my favorite Socialist candidate uses his time to address the failed War on Drugs as the #1 way to attack crime in the city. [emphasis mine]
A. Robert Kaufman: Mitchell is calling for 250 cops. Dixon says no, we need only 240 new cops and then to hedge the bet said or 300. We don't need a police state. The cops didn't create the problem the cops are not going to solve the problem. If we don't deal with problem of poverty and the war on drugs, the poor addict who was so desperate for a $20 fix that he tried to kill me two years ago and left me for dead and took my kidneys from me. If he could have gone to a clinic, a doctor, a hospital, a drugstore and gotten whatever he was addicted to, I'd have my kidneys now. It's the war on drugs that creates criminals out of addicts.
Here's where I diverge from him and say keep the feds out of it and allow the local jurisdictions to determine how they handle their drug problem.
I've called for a federal program to treat drugs as a public health issue. Addict goes to a clinic, gets what they're addicted to. All the money we've saved on the cops and the courts and the prisons and the low morale in the police because all of this can be used for treatment on demand and a federal jobs program.


In the interim, I call for a red-light district for distribution of drugs. Set it up like a flea market. And the same thing for prostitution so to keep it out of the streets. And the morale of the police will rise higher that way than any other way. Thank you.
I understand I seem to insist on covering the Drug War on a city level focusing mostly on Baltimore.'s just easier to follow this stuff on a local level. Plus, if you had to pick one city to study the holistic failure of the War on Drugs, Baltimore has to be on the top of the list. Full piece here.

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