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Monday, August 27, 2007

When a Government’s Incompetence Turns Into Art

An urban landscape ubiquitous with potholes is nothing new. The most disparaging aspect of this is that a government should at least be able to provide a suitable infrastructure to conduct everyday commercial activities. Potholes have never inspired any creative aspirations of my own and usually just conjure up thoughts of the type of person who must be in charge of public works. Often it is of a sordid, unresponsive, individual with stacks of papers on his desk, letting all complaints go to voicemail, and a love of Rob Schneider films. According to the International Herald Tribune, in Uganda these potholes are becoming works of art. Artist paint abstract works on plaster casts of potholes using them as a vehicle to protest the ineffectiveness of the Kampala Government. But understand how big some of these potholes are: [emphasis mine]
Edison Mulago’s pothole is vividly colored with red, yellow and black. Figures in boats grace the jagged surface. "In some of the slum areas, the potholes are so big people are using boats to get across them," he said. But a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Works and Transport, Susan Kataije, said the exhibition was in "very poor taste."

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