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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Who Doesn't Love a Good Hipster Story?

I want to do a regular "Hipster Corner" feature where we expose the asinine lives of our young, ironic friends. Probably won't happen, but I got a kick out of what is certainly the first installment, and most likely the last installment of Hipster Corner. I wouldn't call this a blog since it only has one entry...But how can I keep a tale of one drunken hipster climbing scaffolding; another getting in a hit and run and leaving her license plate at the scene of the accident. I can't.
The boyfriend was less than amused. When he saw his ex with a member of his band, he decided to spy on them from some scaffolding above the same club that said Valerie hater had peeled out in front of. Overhearing what one can only assume was something disparaging to his person, he called his band mates and told them he quit the band.

He then proceeded to get into it with the offending band mate. Reports of whether he did this from the scaffolding are spotty. I like to assume that he actually constructed the scaffolding in advance, taking a sharpie and a white piece of paper and writing "construction zone" on it for that extra touch of authenticity. Of course, I also like to assume he was wearing a fake moustache over his existing ironic moustache, and carrying binoculars.


After getting into it with his band mate, she drove off in a huff, much like the Valerie hater. Unfortunately, she hit someone and her license plate fell off at the scene. She sped off, driving the wrong way up a very long one-way street.
Whole ironic story here. Related Hipster Olympics video here. Thanks to Molly, Baltimore's #1 indie-rock-groupie for the link.

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