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Friday, August 24, 2007

Why I Should be Able to Kill My Pretend Dog

I'm basically of the same mind as my co-blogger, with the difference being that I don't think it is difficult to mount a defense of dog fighting.

Now.....I like dogs and I don't understand why someone would want to torture and kill their dog. But, truthfully, I'm not that repulsed by the stories coming out of the Vick case. It is just an animal, and I think it's best not to assign the same level of care, concern and rights to animals as we do to human beings. That being said, if a local grouping of people decide that they want to impose restrictions of some sort on the care of pets, then I fully agree and support that type of action in a democratic society. It's legitimate response. However, if a locality decided not to criminalize tortuous behavior of pets I would fully support that as well. In my mind dogs, cats, fish, ferrets are the property of owners, and therefore the property owners can decide how they would like to use their property. I think you approach dangerous territory once you begin prescribing rights to animals, of any sort. I hunt, I fish, and I'm one of the billions of people around the world who do so. I'm OK with social mores, i.e. we value dogs more so than quail or turkey or deer. But you're imposing your own morality via the barrel of the state's gun when you say that we are OK with you killing undomesticated animals for fun, but not domesticated animals. Shun the guy, push these type of abusers to the fringes of society...but throw them in jail? Is that an appropriate response? I tend to think not. In the end I think this type of social question is best left to the voters in a particular jurisdiction, much in the same way I would treat abortion.

Note: You can get into the weeds about how dogfighting and the heinous acts committed by Vick post-fights are on a different level from hunting. I would probably agree. However, I don't think I get to draw the line for everyone because different folks would draw the line in a different place. Say PETA for instance. Who's to say I'm right and they're wrong, or I'm wrong and they're right? I understand we have to draw the line somewhere, but leave it up to the localities to decide, it certainly shouldn't be a federal decision.

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