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Monday, August 27, 2007

Why Would Owen Wilson Try to Kill Himself?

On any given day, many Americans want to kill themselves. But why would Owen Wilson, a smart, good-looking and rich Hollywood star who has dated some of the most attractive women in the US with thousands more lining up for him be in the ranks of hoi polloi suicidal depression?

Early reports say Wilson took a razor to his wrist and gobbled a bunch of pills. Perhaps he is human like the rest of us and just about wanted to die when he saw the pic to the left of his former lover Kate Hudson making out with her new boyfriend in a supermarket. That pic appeared the day before his suicide attempt.

[A couple of side questions: where do Hollywood stars get those bottles of pills and how come no one in my Safeway ever makes out in the aisles?]

If Owen was indeed extremely upset by Kate's supermarket makeout, then perhaps he screwed up when he talked to the media about "boning" her. Even worse:
'For sure I wasn't the first guy to kill time with Kate in her trailer between takes either. Hell, my brother boned that chick every day on the set of "Alex and Emma" four years ago, just like Matthew McConaughey did when he co-starred with Kate in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days"', Owen says.

And he goes on to state that her easiness with fellow actors was the main reason that convinced him to do a movie ("You, Me and Dupree") with her: 'That's why I jumped at the chance to make "You, Me and Dupree" with her. Luke and Matthew told me about this thing she does with a scarf and a couple of ping pong balls. I just had to see that one for myself'.

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