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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

America Running Out of Continents to Fuck Up -- Antarctica said to be On Alert

Colombian Vice President Francisco Santos met with the editorial board of the Houston Chronicle yesterday, and presented a side of the US drug war that anti-prohibitionist know all too well. Unfortunately he wasn't in Houston to tell us to legalize the stuff already and get off his country's back. More like -- "We've co-operated with you and done everything you've asked, please pass a free-trade agreement....Oh, and keep those billions in aid flowing too."

Some excerpts: [emphasis mine]
The drug cartels are looking to Peru, Bolivia and other countries to expand their coca crops, he said, and Mexico, now home to the world's most powerful cartels, had better fortify itself.

"You need to be tough, really tough, because they are tough criminals and the business is so big that they will try to fight it out to the end," Santos said.


Santos held out his country's efforts to extradite drug traffickers to the United States and spray poison on crops as evidence of its policies, but conceded it has not had much success in reducing the supply — a problem many say is caused by the United States remaining the world's biggest cocaine market.

John Walsh, a senior associate at the Washington Office on Latin America, a human rights and foreign policy monitoring organization, said that although the amount of Colombian cocaine has not dropped, the Bogota government is doing more than any other country to eradicate coca crops.
That anyone can see the results of our own domestic drug policy both at home and on the world stage, and not concede that what we are doing is failing miserably is serious cause for concern. Full article here.

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