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Monday, September 24, 2007

Assorted Political Links

First time in awhile; some bad polling news for Democrats.

Maryland set to raise income taxes, sales tax, and tobacco taxes. Somehow though, according to O'Malley, more Marylanders will be paying less in taxes. Make sense? Yeah, it doesn't. Note to Gov O'Malley -- When the Baltimore Sun is critical of your tax plan, it might be a warning of trouble to come. Just a thought.

Ron Paul is set to debate Ron Paul in Baltimore this week. Just kidding. Duncan Hunter will be there too. From the Sun piece on Paul:
A longtime foe of the government's drug war and of mandatory prison terms for nonviolent crimes, he would permit the use of medical marijuana. Like former Baltimore Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke, he talks about decriminalizing drugs.

Paul's eyes light up at the thought that Schmoke might attend the debate at historically black Morgan State University about issues of particular interest to urban and minority voters .

"Oh, wouldn't that be neat? I'd love to meet him," he says.
He talks about decriminalizing drugs? I certainly haven't heard a peep out of him in regards to drugs...He's been conspicuously quiet on the subject on the campaign trail. My opinion --- You want one reason to be pessimistic about the potential for drug policy reform, look no further than Ron Paul's unwillingness to speak on the matter when he has the huge stage that he has right now. It's a shame, and it's demoralizing for the movement as a whole.

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