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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Cultural Lesson through Beer

I've been seeing the ads for the new Coors Light Cold Activated Label for over a week now. I couldn't figure out the fucking point of it as soon as I saw the first ad, but I figured I'd give it a week to see if I was missing something. Turns out I might have been. However, I still don't really get the point of this.
The cold front approaching from the Golden, Colo., brewer will arrive by summer in the guise of the Coors Light Cold-Activated Bottle. The label’s white lettering and Rocky Mountain icon turn blue once the beer reaches optimal drinking temperature.
I did some digging around last night to see if I really was missing something -- And by digging around I mean punching in "Coors Light Cold Activated Label" into Google -- I'm thorough in my research. No outrage from bitter bloggers like myself, but lots of things on how this was a part of a larger marketing effort by American breweries to appeal to the Hispanic market. Miller Chill and all that. What I didn't know -- and this could be total ignorance on my part -- is that Hispanics like their beer really, really cold. From HispanicTrending, a Latino marketing and advertising blog:

Three major brewing companies have introduced new packaging methods and spiced beer blends in recent months, all aimed at persuading Hispanic consumers their own particular brand is best for a super-cold brew with a Latin twist.


While the brewers may be stereotyping Hispanic people as temperature-obsessed, it's a stereotype that contains a degree of truth, the Ormond Beach banker said.

"Beer is something that people in Puerto Rico keep really, really cold," Ramirez said. "I will not drink beer in bars because it's never cold enough for my taste. At home, I put my beer in the freezer and then take it out just before it freezes."
I still think you could just touch the bottle to see if it was cold, but maybe touching things is more of an Anglo thing. What do I know. Truthfully though, the whole post is worth a read. Interesting stuff.

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