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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Football Thoughts of the Day

Flags on cars...Necessary? I don't think so. And if you choose to put a team flag on your car, limit it to one. You look silly with one, fucking retarded with two. The people with three or more should be forcibly sodomized by a horse. I've always preached moderation folks.

ESPN replaced Micheal Irvin with Emmitt Smith for their in-studio crew. Replace one master wordsmith with another I suppose. Neither one of them has much luck getting a sentence out, but at least I could look forward to Irvin being blitzed out of his skull most Sundays at 12. Seriously, the guy was high as shit every Sunday at 12. Respect.

I have no idea who was the center official for the quarter-final Women's World Cup game this morning, Norway v China, but holy shit, she is one scary looking woman. Like a giant rat in a yellow jersey. I'm all about this Norwegian goalkeeper though. And yes, this is the same hard-hitting analysis that I offer for the Men's World Cup. Or as I like to call it, "The Real World Cup."

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