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Monday, September 17, 2007

Great Britian to Open Prisoner Style Theme-Park on Whole of Island in '09

Sure, more Brits are missing work for "drink related days-off"; but they also live on an island that does fun, Orwellian stuff like this:
UNDER-FIRE smokers are being targeted by CCTV cameras and issued with on-the-spot fines for dropping their ciggies outside pubs.


The action is being backed by North Wales Police, whose chief Richard Brunstrom is famously fond of speed cameras.

Roly Schwarz, of the Denbighshire Community Safety Partnership, which includes the North Wales Police and the county council, said: “CCTV is there to prevent and reduce crime.

“People know if they drop a cigarette butt we can identify them.
"Prevent and reduce crime." Fair point; it's just that you're going to have a tough time convincing people that littering is a crime deserving of any state response that can help to control it, no matter the legitimate concerns of the overreaching nature of the response. Or at least you think you would...Post title reference here.

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