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Monday, September 24, 2007

Guess Which Handle is Rob's!!

I'm not sure any of this is safe for work; and the link to the message board that reviews Baltimore street walkers definitely isn't. Unless you work for an employer that doesn't mind you trolling online message boards, checking out reviews of the best street walkers Baltimore has to offer. If that happens to be you, please send an e-mail describing the application process for your place of work to tothepeople a_t I'd appreciate it.

Our readers might actually be familiar with this board (surprise! I wasn't) but this particular section of USASexGuide has been floating around the Baltimore blogosphere for awhile. Of course, everywhere else it's linked, it's accompanied by shock and horror. "How can people post such disgusting things??" Me: Uh..Dunno...Whistling by our archives "Who are these people?" Me: Current and future TtP readers?...I think some blog even threatened to alert the police. No worries, nothing better for them to do in West Baltimore!

Enjoy some excerpts.

On the merits of car searches, post-act:
Car searches are an important part of mongering to me. Over the years I've found make up, packs of cigarettes, cell phones ( had a car wreck over that one) syringes, pipes, rocks, pills, all kinds of stuff. One girl lost a pill of dope in the vehicle and we looked for a good half hour for it. I found it about two weeks later on the floor mat !! Another girl left her bra behind the seat of the pickup I had and forgot to retrive it after the act. Several days later I cleaned the p/u found the bra, washed it and put it in with my wifes stuff. She kept asking me how come she had seven bra's, when she only owned six. I denied everything not knowing what I had done, until one day I saw the girl on the stroll, figured it out and had to pull over I was laughing so hard. Needless to say we are divorced now.

Now whenever a SW leaves something legel in my vehicle I try very hard to get it back to them. I did collect panties for awhile but that's another story
Of course a typical question of the day in this forum seems to be, "Age. Does it matter?" Some opinions on the matter.


You seem to "know it all". Just like you knew that Heather was not 18 after two senior members had stated that they met her face to face and could tell she was at least 18. I think you said that I would be in a world of hurt if I dated and posted about her.


Hello Rook

Great pics, Baldy would be proud of you. I have dated Heather, she looks young, but told me she was 18. WTF is it with these aforesaid assholes, are thay going to have SW's fill out job applications, with photo ID, SS card and proof of citizenship?

The Monger business is like sex you have to fuck all the assholes!

Big Red


I disagree with fucking assholes. It is a personal thing, but I will agree to the girl with cum in her eye. I wouldn't ever ask the age. Frankly, if she knows how to fuck and suck, I don't care. Mind you, I don't like old hags though. I really wish I could have face fucked the girl. I am too timid and nice. I don't talk. For some reason, most think I look like LE, so I just hurry. It makes the evening kind of uneventful.

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