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Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Hour Link Edition

Let's dive right into them....

Massachusetts slowly marching on a path of soft paternalism to banning smoking in homes. Globe reports:
"For a lot of people now, they go to their workplace, and the workplace is smoke-free, and then they go home and they realize they're being exposed to secondhand smoke," said Eileen Sullivan, director of policy and planning for the state of Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program.


A leader of the Massachusetts Rental Housing Association, a trade group, Hebert enthusiastically endorsed the prospect of a registry listing smoke-free apartments in Massachusetts.

"There are still people who smoke; they have to live somewhere," Hebert said. "But if I'm a nonsmoker and I detest smoking and the person next door is smoking like a chimney, why should I have to put up with it?"
But there's no slippery slope involved with smoking bans...None at all...

The benched US Women's goalkeeper Hope Solo tore into her coach and replacement goalkeeper in the Brazil game, Brianna Scurry, saying "I would have made those saves", and much more. Video of it when you click through the first link. Should Solo have kept her mouth shut? Maybe. Probably. But this was such a boneheaded move by her coach that I can understand her reaction. In a way she earned it. And correction from my previous post. She had a scoreless streak of over 300 minutes. Not bad.

DEA shut down, and arrest the owners of yet another pot-candy/food company. Classic quote from a DEA agent:
"These items could have harmful effects on a user, especially the unsuspecting ones," DEA agent Javier Pena said. "We will continue to shut down these production lines, one marijuana-candy factory at a time."
I don't think you can read much into this article on increased marijuana farming in Afghanistan. I think they are still doing their part for the global heroin supply, but this paragraph made me chuckle:
But around the ancient citadel of Balkh, in fields where pink poppy flowers stood last year, jagged green marijuana stalks poke above other crops and in places whole cannabis fields produce a pungent aroma strong enough to be picked by passing motorists.

The farmers are still cautious. "They are not my fields," said Shamseddin, surrounded by head-high cannabis plants in full flower. "I don't know who they belong to," he said, dropping a sickle to the ground and nudging it away with his foot
That image makes me laugh every time.

Enjoy the weekend, we'll do our best to make the work on the site go as smoothly as possible.

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