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Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Want My DDT

DDT, the most effective killer of mosquitoes, was banned in the US in 1972, largely because of the outcry that resulted from Rachel Carson's book Silent Spring. The wholesale spraying of huge tracts of land with DDT did indeed hurt the bird population and was unnecessary. But the complete ban on DDT, even for home use, needs to be revisited.

From the mosquito trenches: In my ten years in DC I have not experienced a summer anywhere near so buggy as this one. This year is off the charts, or off the hook if you are a mosquito. In the summer of 2007 mosquitoes broke through all established mosquito barriers, such as they don't come out until evening, on cool dry evenings they stay at bay and they keep to the outdoors.

I have started spraying myself with Off every day to keep them from getting me while I am inside. A new low occurred today when I resorted to spraying area Off in my office.

They also seem more wiley this year and adept at avoiding the swatter. Perhaps they are evolving.

The DDT ban hits Africa really hard. Malaria should be a disease of the past like polio. But the hundreds of millions of dollars of US aid do not fund DDT.

P.S. Due to major mosquito disruption I moved my birthday party from August to October 7th. TtP posters and commenters are welcome to come. Let me know if you are interested.

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