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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Maybe We Need to Lose the Pedaphilia Tag...And Rob...And Cicero...And Post Titles Alluding to Obama's Penis...

Once we do that, double our readership to two dozen, we'll start getting invitations to blogger conference calls with '08 candidates. Until then, I'll just continue to put up the "Conference Call" sign on my office door every afternoon at 1, pretending I'm talking to presidential candidates; when in reality I'm racking up international phone bills on Vietnamese phone sex. Leaving you readers with notes from other bloggers who are actually on conference calls with queers like Mike Huckabee. Enjoy.
"One of the reasons that I got the endorsement of the machinist union. … Further complicated by the buying up of currency. … Free trade is a great thing … but if it is not fair trade, it is not free trade. … Violations of human rights and disregard of the environment. … We do expect them to treat workers with respect. … A regulatory system that is more effect and more like ours. …Protect this country."


"I am supported by the true economic conservatives. … I believe that risk ought to be rewarded. .. The attacks come from special interest groups who have an interest in protecting a certain segment. … One of the reasons that I support the Fair Tax is that it doesn’t pick winners and losers. … When we have reforms on tax policy, it ought not be good for a few CEOs and hedge fund managers .. but for everybody. …Hedge fund managers make 2200 times what the average worker makes. … Hundreds of millions of dollars in instant profit… As a Christian, not just an economic issue, but a moral issue. When you have real success, you share it with the people who helped you.
Full thing here.

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