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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

We Need Code Pink at a City Council Meeting

Violence rages on throughout Baltimore, including police-involved shootings. 27 total this year to go along with the 215 murders up to this point. It's time someone said it, the War in Baltimore is a failure. Insurgents control whole neighborhoods, local authorities are hopeless to contain them.
A Baltimore police sergeant shot and wounded a man who authorities said pointed a gun at officers as he tried to run from them early this morning in Northwest Baltimore, according to a department spokeswoman.


It was the third police-involved shooting since Sunday. Today's incident pushed the total number of police-involved shootings this year to 27 -- nine fatal and 18 nonfatal. In all of last year, five people were fatally shot by officers and 10 people were wounded, according to police statistics.

Street violence has been on the rise this year, fueling a sharp rise in the city's homicide rate. So far this year, 215 people have been killed, compared with 191 victims for the same period last year.
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