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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Why I Hate J.J. Abrams

For those of you who don’t know, J.J. Abrams is the creator of some of the most annoying and addicting entertainment made by man. He cursed the world by writing what would later become the mega-Affleck film, Armageddon, which led to another horrible Aerosmith song. On the small screen he created Alias, a show I never saw or intend to. From what I gather it was based about an attractive female shape shifter or something like that.

Then there was Lost. A show written by English majors that idiots could understand. Its not to subtle to name all the shows characters after major philosophers and place selected science fiction novels throughout the show as clues, but the writers see this as endlessly clever. The show also adds and erases storylines at will and yet it’s qualities are similar to like crack. America can’t get enough of it and now the show has so much freedom the makers of Lost only have to work part-time and still make millions of dollars….but his nonsense is far from over….

Behold! Abrams latest! It’s a film that looks to be some sort of Blair Witch Project/Godzilla in New York. But guess what! To keep you thinking he won’t even tell you the name of it. What happened to name repetition increasing success? I hope everyone will forget about this film and that politicians use the same advertising tactic in the next round of elections. Check out 1.18.08. via Apple.

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