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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

117,000 Americans are Killed Each Year By Public Health Professionals

The public health lobby focuses on smoking to a riduclous extent, parroting Surgeon General Richard Carmona's frequently quoted comments on second-hand smoke that have no basis in research but have led to banning smoking in cars and just about every place in Calabasas, CA.

Perhaps the public health community ought to look within and focus instead on the real data that show how many patients they have killed each year in hospitals by mistakes and by rampant infections that hospitals cannot seem to control and do not prioritize. My total preventable deaths is approximately 117,000. Now that is a public health issue.

Infections, from the NY Times:
Nearly 19,000 people died in the United States in 2005 after being infected with a virulent drug-resistant bacterium that has spread rampantly through hospitals and nursing homes, according to the most thorough study to be conducted of the disease’s prevalence.
Hospitals' mistakes:
Two years ago, a blistering report by the Institute of Medicine said that medical mistakes in hospitals kill up to 98,000 hospitalized Americans a year, and it demanded major changes. The mistakes included prescription drug errors and misused or malfunctioning equipment.

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