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Thursday, October 25, 2007

ALF Message Board Makes TtP Look Upstanding and Not-Too-Dispecable

You might have already caught this one, it goes back to June of this year. Cancer stricken boy makes his last wish to go bear hunting. Some nice folks like the Safari Club International and a local outfitter in British Columbia make it happen. From the Prince George Citizen:
The 10-year-old boy died Thursday while flying back to his home in Kennesaw, Ga., less than two days after his father Bruce shot the bear while on a hunting trip in Prince George. The plane was 40 minutes away from Atlanta when the terminally-ill Jonathan succumbed to liver cancer, a disease he had battled for three years.
Sad ending, but the story and the boy serve a positive purpose.
Halligan and the Pichettes, who are also SCI members, want to provide a hunting trip every year for somebody they meet through the SCI Safari Wish Program. Halligan said it will now be called the Jonathan Kerr Memorial Safari Wish Program.

He'll arrange to send to the Pichettes a .306 calibre rifle designed with smaller kids in mind, to be left for future Safari Wish Program hunters who come to Prince George. The gun will have a muzzle break and be equipped with low-recoil ammunition to help lessen the impact of firing a shot.

The Delta Airlines flight crew who attended to Jonathan at the time of his death planned to attend his funeral in Kennesaw and promised Halligan they would try to arrange for free flights for the children and their families. Halligan also met a conservation officer in Prince George who is seeking permission from his office to have the necessary licenses and tags donated. Halligan would like SCI to make the trip happen three or four times a year
Whole story here. Unfortunately, I probably wouldn't post this story if it ended there. Enter the Animal Liberation Front and their army of angry message board posters. animalover had this to say:
I can only hope the boy's death was a painful one. If you think about it though, this story has a somewhat happy ending. A young boy dying; therefore he can not grow up, spawn some other mutant losers and teach them how to hunt. I wonder how satan is treating him???
KRITER offered his two cents:
Im with animalover.Im sory the cancer didnt eat up the littl sumbitch for he kilt the bear.If the boys wish was to kill a man and his wish was granted.Folks be raising hell and wanting that boy strung up and his Daddy to, for teaching him to do it.I wish the same for killing the bear.Got no kind of respect no kind of way for people wanting to kill or abuse critters anykind away even a befor I die wish.Hope cancer gos after all of them.If the average Jo Blow dont understand nothing posted on here the hell with him too.
So these are the people who go live with bears and produce 2 hours of Herzog magic on my television screen. Great to know. I'm looking forward to a sequel starring any one of these d-bags.

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