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Monday, October 22, 2007

Am I Allowed to Say that It's a Backdoor Legalization Method?

Of course I can say it; I just don't think people like to hear it. But I'll tell you this -- if medicinal marijuana legislation isn't a policy designed to weaken prohibition and to put a face on "drug users", and potentially soften the ground in advance for other anti-prohibition legislation, then I'm an idiot who doesn't love massive labias. Plain and simple. But of course I do love massive labias, and of course it is about an incremental approach to drug policy reform...Right? So why can't we all just say it then? It's silly to lie. And they will lie so convincingly even right to my face that it makes you believe that maybe all they've convinced themselves to care only about making sure a very, very small percentage of the population is allowed to use one drug in a very regulated matter. No matter we haven't accomplished anything for the majority of the Drug War victims, or addressed the real structural problems associated with prohibition. Whatever, I complain about this a lot, I'm just tired of folks saying, "It's not about legalization." If this all isn't about legalization, then what's the point?

It's stories like this that get me on this rant.

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