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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Around the Dial

What has happened to television? Can anyone answer this question? Do they make anything, anymore that doesn't require the viewer to be high as fuck in order to watch the show? It doesn't seem that way.

Has anyone bothered to catch the Real World this season? It's great; MTV has officially completed their project with the show taking it from semi-socially relevant, to a show filled with hot, slutty blondes. No blacks, no gays, just 3 hot blondes, one extremely desperate and extremely awkward not-hot chick and 3 white guys. I haven't even seen them leave their house. It's just get-fucked-up-at-home, yell at each other a little bit, then someone fucks someone else. I love it.

They just now got their "job", after 15 episodes (granted a Real World season typically runs 50-70 episodes) and that job is to work for a travel agency. Brilliant. Who wants to watch them do something worthwhile like work with retarded kids in some mountain-side camp? I sure don't. Who needs retarded -- or even worse -- sick kids on their television screen at night? MTV has answered that question…

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