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Monday, October 29, 2007

Around the Papers

Yikes. Detailing the economic impact of the impending writers strike. It's not pretty for LA County.

Looks like someone may be getting a kidney back. Here's hoping it works out for my favorite Socialist mayoral candidate.

Massive protest (or as the organizers were calling it, a "lie-in") fails to be massive. Organizers had planned to match the total number of murder victims (246ish) with live protesters lying down on the ground wearing "No More Murders." Unfortunately no one seemed to care and only about 175 total showed up, including not one elected official. Here are the organizers on the seeming irony of the situation. The Baltimore Sun:
"Apathy, alienation and cynicism have taken root in our community - But we believe that these weeds can be removed before they spread further," reads the Web site for Justice Maryland, the group that planned the event.

Asked whether yesterday's attendance shortfall was evidence of the very issue she was trying to combat, Kimberly Haven, executive director of Justice Maryland, said, "We don't know why people didn't come.
Ahhh. That's right, we just need to believe. Is it possible to believe that I could be even more cynical?...

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