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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blackwater Might be Training Your Local Cops

Blackwater, the professional military force that has come under fire for its indiscriminate killing of civilians in Iraq, also trains US police departments and agencies such as the DEA. This is scary, as Blackwater tactics seem to be shoot first and ultimate force protection at the expense of innocent civilians.

The Wa Post had a fascinating long piece on Blackwater this past Saturday. The arm patches of the many local and federal police forces that have trained at Blackwood are pictured above in my crooked scanned-in pic (no real pic was available online).

I know it must be fun for cops to train with former Navy Seals and play war games at Blackwater's 7,000 acre facility that includes a "Little Baghdad" plus
an airstrip and hangar filled with gleaming helicopters, a manufacturing plant for assembling armored cars, a pound filled with bomb-sniffing dogs and a lake with mock ships for training sailors. An armory is stacked to the ceiling with rifles. Throughout the place are outdoor ranges where military, intelligence and law enforcement authorities from around the country practice shooting handguns and assault rifles at automated metal targets made by the firm.
But the militarization of local and federal police forces is a troubling development. Radley Balko has excelled in his coverage the impact of police militarization on citizens and their rights. For his coverage, go here for his blog and to Reason, where he is a Senior Editor.

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