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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cities Move to Ban Outdoor Smoking

Yes, smoking kills smokers, that is indisputable. But there is zero proof that taking a whiff of passive smoke outdoors does anything more than annoy the person who smells it. Yet cities left and right are banning outdoor smoking based on not only unproven but disproven "health concerns." Playground bans feature prominently, as who could oppose "protecting the children?"

Chicago is the latest to bring out the playground theme with its new proposal:
the Chicago Park District is considering a smoking ban that would clear the air at every park, playground and beach in Chicago..."I have a lot of sympathy for smokers, but not when second-hand smoke affects the health of other people," Park District Superintendent Tim Mitchell said.
The prohibition goes on: Oakland today banned outdoor smoking. LA this summer banned smoking at playgrounds as did Calabasas, which also banned it on streets, sidewalks, parks and common areas of condominiums, after already banning it in any home that shares a wall with another home.

Honestly, I don't like the smell of smoke of the sidewalk, but much of that that push to the sidewalk is a direct result of banning it where it could be contained, i.e. in bars that one can avoid.

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